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General and Indigenous Science


Bush Foods knowledge and products Fire and Indigenous culture
CSIRO Indigenous Engagement Mangrove Watch
Climate Change & Indigenous Communities Ecology and Society
Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Traditional Knowledge - Technologies
Living Knowledge Discovering Indigenous Science
Science and culture Indigenous Knowledge in Global Policies and Practice
Aboriginal Use of Native Plants Bush Food - Activity
Native Plant Uses Aboriginal Plant Use and Technology
Growing Bush Food Top 20 Plants
Indigenous Science Links Aboriginal Science & Knowledge

 Astronomy & Space

Australia's first astronomers Australian Indigenous Astronomy
European Southern Observatory - Images Ten Cool Sites: Astronomy (Exploratorium)
The Maya Calender A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Astronomy basics The night sky
Multiple Astronomy Websites Australian Aboriginal astronomy (images)
Transit of Venus Space Today Online
Seasonal calendar Star Maps point to Aboriginal songlines
Heavens Above Space and Astronomy News

Indigenous Astronomy

Astronomy Aboriginal Perspectives Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
Southern Stars Interpretations of the night sky
Indigenous  Astronomy Group Dreamtime written in the stars
Banumbir and the Morning Star ceremony Aboriginal Astronomy
A shark in the stars Australian astronomy
World's First Astronomers? Astronomy & Indigenous people
Emu in Sky Astronomy of the first people of Australia

Indigenous weather knowledge

Indigenous seasonal understanding Indigenous Australians Caring for Country
Sacred Land (Level 4 VELS, Years 5 & 6) The Nature conservancy
Indigenous Weather Knowledge Observing Australia's weather
Can we use native plants to predict floods? Cultural Weather Perspectives
Traditional Hunting, Fishing & Gathering Practices Traditional uses of Australian acacias

Oceanography & Marine Biology

Australian Institute of Marine Science Traditional Owners of the Great Barrier Reef region
Crustacean Gallery Dugong & Marine Turtle Knowledge
Monsters of the Deep Land & Sea Management
Earth & Environmental Science Marine and Atmospheric Research (CSIRO)
The Sea Slug Forum   Water and Indigenous knowledge

 Science and Aboriginal People

Indigenous peoples knowledge in the curriculum?
Aboriginal People - how to misunderstand their science
CSIRO Indigenous Engagement
Indigenous knowledge in science education
Aboriginal & TSI Histories & Cultures resources: Science
Embedding Indigenous perspectives into Curriculum Science
Aboriginal science for the ecologically sustainable future
Beyond Bush Tucker
Wiradjuri Plant Use
Australian inventions

Impact of Diseases on Aboriginal People 

Chronic kidney disease Nutrition related disorders
The smallpox outbreak in Sydney 1789 Diseases and Epidemics
Sexually transmissible infections Diet before European contact
Introduction of diseases Chickenpox
Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) Measles

Indigenous health issues

Australian Indigenous health issues Kidney Disease
Harmful use of Alcohol Mental Health issues
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder Hepatitis C
Social determinants Transgenerational Trauma
Social and Emotional Wellbeing Aboriginal Health Crisis
Aboriginal Health Selected Statistics Aboriginal Health
Diabetes Smoking

Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases are diseases you catch from person to person (ie. head lice, measles), insects (ie. mosquitoes), animals (ie. bats), and your environment (ie. water,waste).

Health Information Net Indigenous health
Infectious Diseases
Other Infectious conditions Communicable Diseases

Digestive Diseases

Digestive Diseases (A-Z) Digestive System Diseases and Nervous Disorders 

Industrial Related Diseases

What is an occupational diseases? Healthcare workers
The Tobacco Industry Maralinga Nuclear tests

Infectious Diseases

National Center for Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases: Viral 
Rabies Infectious Diseases Information Australia
Ross River Virus Disease Zika Virus

Lymphatic System

Glandular Fever Spleen and Lymphatic System
Lymphatic Diseases  Lymphatic System (Images)

Respiratory System

Asthma Queensland Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Respiratory System and Lung Diseases Respiratory system diagram

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Aids & HIV Statistics Australia Sexually Transmitted Infections 

General Health

Medicine Wise Health Topics A-Z (World Health Organisation) 
Alternative Health Traditional Aboriginal health care
Aboriginal healing practices & bush medicine Aboriginal Bush Medicine

Mental Health & Suicide

Mental Health Australia Help for Mental Health problems - Who do you call
Social emotional wellbeing Aboriginal mental health
Mental Health resources and assistance  Depression in adolescence


Genetically Modified Crops

Transgenic Organisms Genetically Modified Foods: Are They a Risk to Human/Animal Health?
Genetically Engineered Food Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or helpful?
Genetically Modified Foods  Genetically Modified Food and World Hunger

History of Genetics

Genetic Engineering: The Past, Present and Future Discovery in Genetics (Nobel Prize Orginisation)
What is Genetic Engineering?  What is genetic engineering and how does it work?


Equations of Motion The Atoms Family
Sport Science Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You
The Physics Classroom Animation Distance Time Graphs
Matter in Motion Amuzement Park Physics
Roller Coasters Physics Games
Superconductors The Physics of Medieval Archery
Concave Mirrors Computer Animations of Physical Processes
Boomerang as Vector Rotation Example The Physics of Boomerangs
Nuclear Physics Nuclear science and tecnology technology at work

 Mining & Renewable Energy

Opal Mining Snowy Mountains Hydro
Rio Tinto The Australian Coal Industry
Geoscience Australia International Copper Association Australia
Australian Mines Atlas Department of Natural Resources & Mines
Petroleum & geothermal research Energy Resources of Australia (ERA)
Earth Science Lessons - Tungsten, Rocks, Minerals and More!
Minerals Council of Australia Mining: the growing role of renewable energy

Indigenous Science

Build Huts                                                              Humans 78,000 Years Ago                     
Thylacine Hidden Cave Art
Water Tunnels Aboriginal Rock Art

 Research Programs

Environmental and climate science Garvan Institute: Breakthrough Medical Research
National Institutes of Health Australian Research Council website
Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory (CSHL)

 Science News

ABC Science Nova Science in the News
Science Daily Death of the Megafuana
DNA and Genetics Reasearch Centers (Smithsonian)
Stem Cell Debate Stem Cell News
Ancient World News Swiss News (Burn Victims healed with Foetal Skin Cells)
NewScientist News in Science (Beating Fires with Old & New Tech)
The Why Files News in Science (Didgeridoos Give Ears a Hammering)


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