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Ancient Civilizations



ODYESSEY Online: Explores the ancient civilisations of Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa and the Ancient Americas.

General Ancient History Links: The study of ancient history examines the civilizations and environments of times past. It includes the study of people, places, events, religions, customs and traditions. Ancient History spans a period of time from the beginning of recorded human history in the Old World until the Early Middle Ages.

Archaeology: The worlds of the past may be long gone, but thanks to the fossils of extinct animals and the ruins of ancient civilisations, we are able to reconstruct what our world would have been like long ago. This category covers archaeology from our earliest human-like ancestors to the birth of civilisation, and palaeontology from trilobites and dinosaurs to mammoths. This section also includes resource links on ice-mummies and fossils.

Australian Archaeology: is a large sub-field in the discipline of Archaeology. Archaeology in Australia takes three main forms, Aboriginal Archaeology (the archaeology of Aborigines and Australia before European Settlement), Historical Archaeology (the archaeology of Australia after European Settlement) and Maritime Archaeology. Bridging these sub-disciplines is the important concept of Cultural Heritage Management which encompasses Aboriginal, Historical and Maritime sites. This section also includes Gold Coast Archaeological Sites

Ancient Civilizations: including Ancient America; Mayan Civilization; Mesopotamia, Assyria, The Incas & Aztecs

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