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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History


Early History

First Australians Aboriginal History Timeline
Oldest Culture Introduction to Aboriginal Culture - YouTube
Brief Aboriginal History Australian Centre for Indigenous History
History of Indigenous Australians 1788 - Before European Settlement

Early Contact

Early Contact History      First Contact First Contact with Europeans through Indigenous eyes
Early Contact Timeline (1400 - 1769) Aboriginal life pre-invasion
Cook's voyages: A history game from the perspective of Australia's First Peoples Aboriginal & TSI Peoples before and after Colonisation
Indigenous Australians Who was the first European to land in Australia?
Prehistory of Australia The First People in Australia (youtube)
The First Australians Impacts of Settlement on  Indigenous People
Frontier conflict Colonists' perceptions of Aboriginal people
Colonial History (videos) Torres Straight Islander History
Colonisation of Aboriginal Australia Australian Prehistory
First contact with Europeans through Indigenous eyes (images) How did Aboriginal Australians resist British Colonidation?
What was life in Early Sydney like for convicts? European Exploration of Australia
Colonisation and the impact on Indigenous people First Contact with Europeans
Explorers and Aborigines My Place: First contact game
Impacts of Settlement on Aboriginal People Aborigines & the gold rush
A Brief Aboriginal History Turning points in history - the gold rush
Gold Rushes Aboriginal Participation in the Goldrushes
Indigenous Language map of Queensland Gambay: a map of Australia's first languages
Mining Aboriginal Lands Early contact images


Yalangbara: Art of the Djang'kawu is the story of the Djang'kawu, ancestral beings from Burralku who came to Yalangbara, giving birth to the Rirratjingu clan. It is also the story of the Marika family direct descendants of the Djang'kawu and custodians of the region.

 Modern History

Indigenous cultural and history  Indigenous recognition
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland History Maralinga - Nuclear tests changed history
Indigenous Rights - Repatriation Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people
Indigenous Rights Video Indigenous Place Names
Indigenous collection National State Library The Stolen Generations
Map of Indigenous Australia Culture, Identity and Indigenous Australian Peoples

 Local History: Queensland

History of Queensland Finding records relating to Aboriginal and TSI people
History of Brisbane Place Names of SE Qld.
An Indigenous local's guide to Southern Gold Coast Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre Ngutana-Lui - To Teach
Logan's Indigenous history 6 places to brush up on local aboriginal history
Aboriginal history of the Darling Downs Aboriginal & TSI languages

Invasion, Massacres & Resistance Fighters

Australian frontier wars Indigenous cultures and contact history timeline 
Myall Creek Massacre Aboriginal & TSI Timeline
Coniston Massacre TSI - The Coming of the Light
Frontier wars List of Massacres
Searchable Aboriginal history timeline British-Aboriginal relations: 1788-1820
Honouring early Aboriginal resistance Native Police (Queensland)

Aboriginal Missions & Reserves

Aborigines' Inland Mission newsletters Missions and Reserves (NSW)
Mission and reserve records Missions and Reserves (SA)
Aboriginal Reserves photo gallery Missions and Reserves (QLD)
Hermannsburg Aboriginal Mission Missions and Reserves (VIC)
Earliest missions in Australia Memories of Mission life

 War Service

Aboriginal War Service Indigenous soldiers' stories
Indigenous Service in Australia's armed forces Anzac Day Coloured Digger march
Indigenous Anzacs The Frontier Wars - Lest We Forget
Indigenous Australians at war Indigenous Diggers
Indigenous defence service Our Black History: Lest We Forget Aboriginal Veterans
Indigenous Servicemen: Their Contribution The Black Rats of Tobruk

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