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Anthropology & Archaeology

 Anthropology & Archaeology

AusAnthrop Aboriginal Tribes Database
Aboriginal Anthropology Australian Museum Online


Kow Swamp Australian Indigenous Tools and Technology
Kow Swamp (Images) Cave Excavations in the Australian Nullarbor
Artificial Cranial Deformation Aboriginal Tools (Images)
Lake Mungo Australia: The Land Where Time Began
The Mysteries of Karta Pre-history of Carnarvon Gorge
Australian Nullarbor Ancient Hearth Tests Carbon Dating
Rock art is threatened Images for Aboriginal excavations
Culture and History How Old is Australia's Rock Art?


Aboriginal Middens Timeline for Aboriginal Victoria
Shell Middens Aboriginal Fresh Water Middens
Guide to Aboriginal Sites and Places Identifying Aboriginal Sites

 Australian Deserts

Australian Deserts Aboriginal Desert Reserve bigger than Tasmania
Simpson Desert Aboriginal People Culture Notes - Australian Desert Aboriginal People
Archaeology of the Australian Desert Aboriginal People in the Simpson Desert (Video)

 Archaeological Sites

Australian Archeological Sites Australian Archaeology
Ceremonial Sites Woolgar Massacre Site
Aboriginal Occupation Archaeological History
Aboriginal History Timeline Aboriginal Material Culture Collections
Bradshaw Rock Painting Coastal NSW Aboriginal Sites
Aboriginal Heritage Information Aboriginal archaeologists

 Heritage Places

Ayres Rock Gulaga National Park
Purnululu National Park Australia's National Heritage List
The Bungle Bungle Ranges Mungo National Park

 Rock Art

Australian Aboriginal rock art is believed to be more than 40,000 years old. Information about traditional Aboriginal life including social netorks and activities, myths, religion, culture, economy and the environment can be found in the intricate represenation of Rock Art throughout the country.

Dampier Rock Art Koonalda Cave - Australia's Deep History
Australian Archaeology Aboriginal Rock Art
Prehistoric Cave Art Rock Art
Rock Art Symbols  Cave Art Carnarvon Gorge


Aboriginal people throughout south-eastern and western Australia wore skin cloaks, as these areas were colder than the northern parts of Australia. The cloaks were made from the skins of possums, kangaroos and wallabies.

History of Possum Skin Cloaks Possum Skin Cloaks
Aboriginal Cloaks Possum Skin Cloaks (Video) 
Culture - Possum Skin Cloaks Kangaroo & Possum Skin Cloaks


Australia's first white visitors assumed that Aboriginal people did not build permanent dwellings or shelters, which became one of the reasons for the continent's invasion. But was this true?

Aboriginal Houses Traditional Aboriginal Shelters  - Images
Traditional Life - Housing Shelter Images (with descriptions)
Rock Shelters Australian Indigenous Architecture


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