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National Indigenous Television TV - NITV - SBS

Indigenous Recognition in Constitution news

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Act 2013 

Contours and prospect for Indigenous recognition in the Australian constitution

Indigenous constitutional recognition and the temptation  of symbolism over substance

ABC Indigenous News - Reports & Analysis - Sport

Increased Indigenous representation in Parliament welcome

Educational Portals for GPRA

Issues affecting Indigenous Australians:

Tales of Sorrow Apology - sorry it's taken so long
Brendon Nelson Engaging with Indigenous Australia
Indigenous Lost Generation Historical Interactions (Aboriginies & European Pastoralists)
Malcolm Fraser A Guide to Australia's Stolen Generation
Australia says sorry (images) Social Justice and Human Rights
Reconciliation Australia School Resources RightsEd: Bringing the home
Reflections on the apology: Kevin Rudd Stolen Generation Art Comes Home
Stolen Generation: ART Australia Day - Invasion Day
Civics and Citizenship Aboriginal Socities: The Experience of Contact
Impact of Social Darwinism Racism in Aboriginal Australia
Protests against Intervention What is Reconciliation?
Questions and Answers Non-Indigenous/Aboriginal Relations
Aboriginal Reconciliation Protocols for Consultation and Negotiation
National Reconciliation Week 2018 National Reconciliation Week Resources
Aboriginal newspapers & magazines Learning about Aboriginal Histories and Cultures
Ecology and Society Bridging the Gap or Crossing a Bridge?

The Apology

Historic Apology to the Stolen Generation - Wednesday 13 February 2008

Apology to the Indigenous Peoples Speech Kevin Rudd
The Apology National Sorry Day in Australia
A Nation Apologises National Sorry Day activities
Paul Keating Speech Stolen Generations Images


Sorry apology to Stolen Generations



 Protest Movements

Aboriginal Protest Movements (1940s - 1972) How activism brought about change
Indigenous Australia Timeline (1901 - 1969) Eddie Mabo and Indigenous land rights
Aboriginal land rights Stolen Wages
Did Indigenous protest songs change anything? The Fights for Civil Rights
Aboriginal Freedom Fighters (images) About Constitutional Recognition
Student Action For Aborigines Aboriginal prison rates
Charles Perkins (Aboriginal Activist) Cashless welfare card ignites shame


Black Armband:  The `Black Armband' history has come to define a growing reappraisal of Australia's past, demonstrated through public remembrances like Sorry Day. It was a label of derision, a blanket term designed to dismiss increasingly critical approaches to Australian history as unnecessarily bleak and overly `emotional'. This `black Armband' tag was a strategic conservative swipe at histories that revealed Australia's past as racist and violent... "History in Black and White: A Critical Analysis of the Black Armband Debate" by Anna Clark.

Black Armband History The History Wars in Australia
Perspectives on Black Armband History The Black Armband Debate


Black Arm Band: Celebrating the past & revolutionising the future of Indigenous Australia through music


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