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Teacher Resources - Humanities

The topic of Humanities includes the following subject categories:

Frontline Connection (Worldvision) Human Rights Education  
Oxfam Education  Human rights in the classroom
Refugees's Human Rights Women's Suffrage Teacher's Guide
The UN Matters - Teaching Pack Australian suffragettes
School Aid    International Court of Justice

Aboriginal Studies Human Rights Education History & Ancient History 

Studies of Society & Environment (SOSE)

Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies WebQuest  Aboriginal Education
Dare to Lead  Culturally Inclusive Environment
Aboriginal Educational Contexts  Lesson plans with an Indigenous focus

Human Rights Education


General HSIE Topics

Government  Asia Education Foundation  
Citizenship  Civics & Citizenship Education 
SBS Learn - free resources Geographic Information Systems in Education 
Ryebuck  Natural Disaster Teaching Activities 
GIS in Education  A Stowaway's Guide to the Pacific - an interactive lesson
Global Learning Centre Lesson Plan Library (Highly Recommended)

United Nations Information

The UN Refugee agency UN Global Issues - Population
United Nations Information Centres UNODC 
Calendar of Conferences & Meetings Rights & Dignity of Persons with Disabilities
Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 UN Human Rights Council
Discrimination on gender identity Commission on the Status of Women
The UN and Decolonization UN Environment Programme
United nations Image & Reality Charter of the UN
World Population Ageing: 1950-2050 International Years

History & Ancient History

QHTA  Teaching historical literacy
Historical skills  A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust  
Ancient History before Christ Early Middle Ages
Middle Ages to the Age of Discovery Old Testament History
Types of Historical Documents    Approach to Historical Fiction


The Archaeology Channel









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