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Curriculum Resources - Home Economics


Home Economics is the science & art of homemaking, it includes the following categories:

Food & Nutrition - Homemaking - Families - Clothing

Christmas Pudding Territory Style - The Pudding                                        
Bush Tucker Recipes                                                                                    
Cultured Food for Life                                                          
Fermenting Foods for Fun & Health                        
The Bush Tucker Diet - A Nutritional Analysis
How to cook bush tucker

Native Australian recipes & Native Australian food

Complete Guide to Bush Tucker in the Northern Territory
Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
A Guide for Teenagers: Take Charge of your Health
What will I learn in Home Economics?
Children's health and development
Engaging Families in the Early Childhood Development Story          Meaning of Family

The 10 things kids need most      Raising Children Network   Preparing to Start a Family

Design and Technologies Year 9 and 10

Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in Home Economics

Home Economics and related topics     Homemaker skills

Future sustainability of clothing and textiles in UK

Fashioning an Ethical Industry across Europe

Recycling in Fashion   Ethical Fashion Forum

Clothes upcycling projects    How to use old clothes to make new outfits

Recycled Fashion     Recycle Runway   School Recycle Fashion Show    YouTube

Sustainable Fashion talk

The Fashion Business Game     Socially Responsible Fashion   Sustainable Fashion

Child care - Early childhood education and care
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